Wastewater Treatment

Professional Start-up and Operating Services Inc (Prostart) is your complete resource for wastewater operations and maintenance. With extensive expertise and demonstrated know-how, we provide an advanced custom-tailored comprehensive wastewater solution to meet your wastewater treatment needs.

Complete Turn-key Operations and Maintenance Service Includes:

  • Equipment Evaluation
    Prostart operators perform regular checks of service equipment conditions every time they are on-site. They verify the proper operation of system blowers, mixers, wet-well levels, and pump conditions. They evaluate the equipment for abnormalities associated with noise, temperature, leaks or electrical concerns which could render the equipment out of service prematurely, requiring a switch to alternative equipment if available. Based on the severity of the situation that could impact effective operations, Prostart will prioritize the problem as a corrective maintenance need or emergency condition.
  • Daily Flow Analysis
    Operators will review previous day/same day flow data for consistent operational tendencies in regards to hydraulic loading that could affect SBR batch time sequences and settling characteristics.
  • Record Keeping
    Prostart maintains on-site records as well as formulates a comprehensive Monthly Operational Report (MOR) featuring all data collection, flow data, hauling volume and effluent lab test results. This report is submitted to EPA NETDMR, Maryland Department of the Environment, and the client.
  • Settleometer Performance Test
    Prostart operators collect a sample of the mixed liquor and perform a 30-minute settleometer test to evaluate the SBR biomass settleability to quickly separate the solids into a blanket level and a clarified treated liquid level. Based on this evaluation, operators will react and review process control protocol associated with aeration cycles, dissolved oxygen levels, calculate Sludge Volume Index (SVI), and establish proper wasting rates to remove excessive solids build-up or reduce wasting to maintain a consistent biomass concentration.
  • Effluent Discharge Process
    Prostart Operators will sample and evaluate effluent discharge conditions to identify excessive hydraulic loading and the potential for a solid’s washout. They will also perform on-site field testing of ammonia and nitrate concentrations and based on results will make process adjustments to the batch sequence time settings.
  • Dissolved Oxygen and pH Testing
    Prostart operators will perform DO recordings using a hand-held monitor if automated equipment is not present. This process is to ensure sufficient DO levels during the aeration, nitrification and denitrification phases. They will also conduct pH testing of mixed liquor and add pH and alkalinity chemical feed as needed. It is crucial to maintaining a pH level of 7.2-7.5 in accordance with process standard and sufficient alkalinity to support nitrification.
  • Chemical Feed
    Prostart operators will check, record and refill all chemical feed systems and maintain as needed. Prostart will also provide advanced notification to the approved chemical distributor when replenishment is required.
  • Discharge Permit Requirements
    Prostart operators will sample effluent at all sites per the discharge permit requirements and complete all reporting for submission to NETDMR monthly. All sample data will reflect in the Monthly Operating Report. Operators will also perform all drain field measurements per the discharge permit and develop and submit the yearly summary report of drain field measurements and sampling.
  • Preventative Maintenance
    Prostart will reference the equipment manufacturers technical manuals for operations and maintenance protocol and establish or maintain a Preventive Maintenance schedule based off of equipment operating hours. Prostart will implement a maintenance log for reference and inspection. Prostart will also develop, create or maintain a spare parts inventory for mechanical and electronic equipment. Prostart has the capability of providing 100 percent turn-key service for all phases of maintenance requirements to include: electrical, mechanical, instrumentation, plumbing, ground maintenance, and building maintenance. Due to our company leadership’s combined experience of over eighty years in the industry, Prostart has an extensive contact list of vendors and contractors able to handle any water or wastewater treatment condition. Our most frequently utilized contractors and sub-contractors have consistently partnered with us to provide outstanding service at a competitive price!
  • Emergency Response
    The wastewater industry is a 24/7 operation and Prostart has 24/7 emergency response capability. Regardless of the type of emergency and field of discipline required to mitigate the issue, Prostart has the capability and subcontractor support to respond and resolve the problem quickly.

Our team offers extensive experience managing various types of wastewater treatment facilities and systems to include:

  • Four and Five Stage Bardenpho
  • MLE Process
  • Liquid Oxygen
  • Subsurface discharge plants with piezometers, monitoring, and observation wells
  • Conventional Activated Sludge
  • Extended Aeration
  • Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR)
  • Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)
  • Rotating Disc
  • Trickling Filter
  • Rotating Biological Contact (RBC)
  • Natural Treatment Systems