About Us

Professional Startup and Operating Services is a Maryland based company and was established in 1997 to offer subcontracted operator startup and commissioning services to constructing contractors of water and wastewater treatment plants in all of Maryland, Washington, District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. Prostart leadership boasts over 80 years of combined experience as subject matter experts in the Water and Waste Water Treatment Industry.

Over the past 22 years, Prostart has started over 65 plants and processes ranging in size and complexity from 1,000 gallons per day to over 125 million gallons per day. We have extensive operational and mechanical knowledge of sludge thickening, digestion, dewatering systems and the biological process necessary to reach the Total Nitrogen and Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) goals of the new ENR treatment systems. We have operated many plants required to reach the even lower ENR standards of 3 mg/L TN. We are one of the leaders in the operation of Membrane Bio-Reactors with currently seven MBR’s in daily operation by our firm.

In 2012, Prostart expanded to provide clients such as schools, nursing homes, mobile home parks, residential developments, and commercial businesses turn-key operations and maintenance of their facilities water and wastewater systems. During the past year, we have also begun to offer operating services to industrial wastewater treatment clients in Baltimore and Washington D.C