Prostart leadership boasts over 80 years of combined experience as subject matter experts in the Water and Waste Water Treatment Industry.

Bill Farrell

Bill Farrell, President

Bill Farrell is the Founder, and President of Professional Start-up and Operating Services Inc. (Prostart). He brings over 40 years of successful experience in all phases of water and wastewater treatment, management, training and development, and start-up operations. Bill is a graduate of Penn State University and holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil/Sanitary Engineering and was the President of the Chi Epsilon Civil Engineering Honorary Fraternity.  He furthered his education obtaining a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. He is the former Chairman and currently the long-standing Treasurer of the Water, Waste Water Operators Short Course Committee of Maryland, Delaware and the District of Columbia.

He is responsible for company business operations, business development and client relations while providing expertise relative to system start-ups, training and development, management of municipal and private systems, professional consulting, improvement planning, technical diagnostics, treatment process operations, and construction. Prior to establishing Prostart in 2004, Bill held several executive-level positions to include Senior Operations Engineer, Senior Designer, Vice President of Operations, Training and Start-up Specialist and Senior Engineer. He is a licensed Water, Wastewater, Industrial Waste Operator and Superintendent. He also possesses a Wastewater Class 4 Operators Certification from the Common Wealth of Virginia.

Jack Bradshaw

Jack Bradshaw, Vice President of Operations

Jack is a State of Maryland licensed Water and Wastewater treatment plant operator and has 43 years of experience. His experience includes 33 years as the Plant Operations Manager and Operations Engineer at Baltimore Waste Water Facilities Division-Back River. Since his retirement and for the last ten years, Jack has been the principal operator of the Glen Meadows water and wastewater treatment plant and Vice President of Operations at Prostart.

Heather Mota

Heather Mota, Business Manager

Heather is Prostart’s Business Manager, and encompasses a strong passion for business strategy and operations as well as enhancing organizational and client communication. Heather brings over 20 years of Human Resources, Corporate Training and Program Management experience to the team. She graduated from Towson University with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications and is currently an MBA student attending the University of Maryland, University College. Heather manages back-office operations and administration, personnel, Human Resources, certification/training coordination, internal policy and procedure, client relations, customer service, company communications, marketing, and executive level support.

Levi Bradshaw

Levi Bradshaw, Project Manager

Levi Bradshaw is a State of Maryland licensed WW5A wastewater operator with six years of water and wastewater experience. Levi is a Project Manager supervising operators in Harford County, Baltimore County and Cecil County, Maryland. Levi is also a licensed operator working the larger municipal wastewater projects contracted through the City of Baltimore.

Levi is meticulous with water and wastewater operations and is a subject matter expert for the technologically advanced ITP package plants. Levi is an excellent mentor and teacher and much of his demonstrated success cultivating new operators in the field of water and wastewater, can be directly attributed to his time teaching classical technique to music students. Levi is an accomplished classical violinist and holds a Bachelor of Violin Performance from Gordon College and a Masters of Music from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Ed Williams

Ed Williams, Project Manager

Roger “Ed” Williams is the Harford County Project Manager for Prostart. He is also a Senior Operator working the larger municipal wastewater projects Prostart has contracted with the City of Baltimore. Ed is a natural born leader and has a true passion for cultivating new talent within the field of Water and Wastewater. Ed retired from Harford County Maryland, Water and Sewer Division after thirty years of dedicated service. Ed Williams is a certified Wastewater Operator 4,5,S,A and working towards his goals of Industrial 7 Wastewater, and Class 2 Water certification.

John Spearman

John Spearman, Project Manager

Johnnie is a State of Maryland 5A Certified Wastewater Treatment Operator with over eight years of technical wastewater and water experience. He was previously a Foreman and Supervisor for DC Water at the Blue Plains Wastewater Treatment Plant in Washington, DC. At Prostart, Johnnie supervises six operators in Howard County, Anne Arundel County and Montgomery County, Maryland, and provides operational oversight of all plants within his Area of Responsibility.

Erin Reynard

Erin Reynard, Environmental Compliance Manager

Erin Reynard, Prostart’s Regulatory Compliance Manager, is a native of York County, PA. She holds a BA in Engineering from the University of Arizona and a MS in Environmental Management from the University of Maryland Global Campus. Erin brings nearly 15 years of environmental experience to Prostart, specifically in the fields of obsolescence and retail consulting. As an obsolescence consultant, Erin prepared companies for upcoming environmental legislation changes. Retail consulting required her to be familiar with the wide-ranging environmental obligations that big-box retailers face.

Due to Erin’s strong experience with environmental regulatory compliance, Erin has seamlessly transitioned to become Prostart’s compliance expert in the field of water and wastewater. Erin is responsible for ensuring field managers and operators are meeting permit requirements, communicating directly with regulatory managers and compliance officers at the Maryland Department of the Environment, and keeping ownership informed of all compliance matters associated with their facilities.

Sarah Betts

Sarah Betts, Senior Administrative Specialist

Sarah Betts is Prostart’s Senior Administrative Specialist wearing many hats and working hand-in-glove with Prostart Leadership and ProStart water and wastewater operators to ensure daily operational needs are being met. Sarah provides high-level executive assistance to the Principals of our firm as well as the Prostart Business Manager. Sarah is highly professional with a strong ability to communicate in all forms written and spoken which serves her well in her additional role as Communications Liaison. Additionally, Sarah is our Project Task Manager and can usually be found working on the vertical organizing, prioritizing, and streamlining of daily operations and schedules. She brings over 20 years of customer service, administrative, human resources, management, and IT experience to our work family.

Anna Bradshaw

Anna Bradshaw, Administrative Specialist

Anna Bradshaw, is the data specialist for Prostart. She is an integral part of the Prostart Administrative Team as she ensures the data collected from field operations is accurate and finalized before reports are submitted to the Maryland Department of the Environment. She is the technical expert for the Prostart Plantops database and is in consistent communication with field operators reinforcing accurate data collection and streamlining the Prostart reporting process. Anna’s superior attention to detail and strong organizational skills keep the staff and administrative office on track and operating efficiently.