Startup and Commissioning

Water treatment plant operators know first-hand the costs of inadequate planning. Delays, additional expenses, and community issues can all be part of a poor start-up and commission. Prostart is the expert for water and wastewater treatment plant start-up and commissioning to ensure timely, trouble-free activation and integration of plant operations.

Prostart provides turnkey facility commissioning and startup services for drinking water and wastewater treatment systems: municipal or private. We draw on the experience of our engineers, certified operators, maintenance professionals, and regulatory experts to conduct rigorous commissioning activities to ensure our client’s investment is contractually verified in regards to operations and compliance. We incorporate the perspectives of the facility owner, engineers, contractors and regulators in our pre-commission planning to ensure a comprehensive evaluation and testing format.

Our commissioning team begins its assessment by reviewing the most important basis for any new system: its set of contract documents. Prostart ensures the contract documents contain a detailed description of the overall scope of work and the individual components. Such components include means of testing; training plans; warranty information; and detailed information regarding equipment and installation requirements, as well as post-installation support. Upon completion of contract document review, we develop plans outlining the components to be tested and the means by which to verify system effectiveness. Prostart also checks modes of monitoring and control, followed by simulation of abnormal modes of operation.

  • Start-up Planning during pre-construction
  • Phased implementation processes throughout the construction
  • Developing Installation checklists for sub-system checkout and commissioning installation and testing
  • Planning functional testing programs from original design phase to online testing
  • Preparation planning for plant operator turn-over